Meet Our Meatless Monday Favorites

It’s a new year and Meatless Mondays are our new obsession! Keep reading for ways you can join in the fun of going meatless with us – without sacrificing the deliciousness you love!

Okay, Foodies! Full disclosure time – most of us here enjoy a juicy steak… a mouthwatering burger… turkey and gravy… roasted chicken… crispy bacon… anything with meat really… for most meals of the day.

If you’re already a vegetarian or vegan that’s awesome – we applaud you  –  and you should skip right to the list of great places you’ll want to check out to grab a plant-based meal in NY (seriously, these places are fire). For the rest of us though, the truth is that “Meatless Mondays” can sound a little flavorless at first… but we’re foodies – so we know we can spice things up even if there’s no meat on our plates – and we’re not alone.

So many people have already started making their Mondays meat free, because not eating meat for just one day a week can offer so many huge health benefits and help the planet. It helps meat eaters try new meals and eat more fruits and veggies that they may not get otherwise. Plus, eating less meat helps reduce your carbon footprint so it’s good for your body — and everybody!

That said, even if you’re not going all-in on Meatless Mondays (it’s hard at first, we know!), you should still “meet” these great places to eat that vegetarians and meat lovers can both enjoy. 

Meatless Monday Must-Try #1

Good Health Café

Location: 1435 1st Avenue, New York, NY

Menu Pick: Beyond Grande Nachos

Why We Love It: These nachos are packed with deliciousness and are so filling – they’re an appetizer but we made them a meal. Each order is piled high with vegan cheese, black beans, Pico de Gallo, vegan sour cream and vegan sriracha Mayo. You can even add soy chicken or meatless chorizo to add some hearty meat flavor (it’s not cheating, we promise!).

Meatless Monday Must-Try #2

La Bottega

Location: 57 Ira Road, Syosset, NY

Menu Pick: The Farmers Salad

Why We Love It: More than just a salad, The Farmers Salad has steamed string beans, roasted red beets, fingerling potatoes, steamed broccoli, toasted almonds, goat cheese and honey dressing – summed up in one word I’d have to say it’s, “YUM!”.

salad with lettuce and spinach

Meatless Monday Must-Try #3

The Purple Elephant

81B Fort Salonga Road West, Northport, NY

Menu Pick: Mac Attack with Beyond Sausage

Why We Love It: This hearty delight is one of our favorites even when it’s not Meatless Monday! Each bite is packed with gluten free pasta, creamy “cheese” sauce, toasted gluten free breadcrumbs, sriracha and Beyond sausage – you won’t miss the meat, but you will come back for more!

Meatless Monday Must-Try #4

Lucky’s Famous Burgers

Location: 264 West 23rd Street, NYC & 370 West 52rd Street, NYC

Menu Pick: Beyond Burger

Why We Love It: This retro-style burger place always holds a place in our hearts and the “Build Your Own” style is great because you can pick a Beyond Burger (plant-based patty, gluten and soy free) and pile it high with toppings you love like lettuce, tomato, raw onions, grilled onions, pickles, grilled mushrooms, fresh avocado and of course lots of delicious sauces. They even have bun options like a potato bun, whole wheat bun or lettuce wrap.

Meatless Monday Must-Try #5

Fancy NY & Grill & Deli

20th Avenue A, NYC

Menu Pick: Create Your Own Vegetarian Sandwich

Why We Love It: You can seriously get creative with the BYO option at Fancy NY Grill & Deli – because there’s so much to choose from! It all starts with the bread – you get your choice of roll, burger bun, panini, white bread, hero, wrap, wheat or rye. Then you can choose whether you want Falafel, plant-based eggs, a Beyond meat burger or a veggie burger. Add your cheese (if you want it), greens, dressings and you can even make it deluxe with some delicious favorites like onion rings or sweet potato fries!

Still on the fence about Meatless Monday? We were too, at first, but what we love about all these places is that they aren’t exclusively vegetarian, so you can dine with friends and family who aren’t “meatless” and they won’t even notice (unless you want them to!). Plus, you can go back anytime and order the “meat” version of your favorite foods and try them both ways so you never feel like you’re missing out.

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