The Vegan Life

The Growth of a Plant Eater: My Vegan Journey

By The Very Vivacious Vegan It’s been over three years since I first decided to not only have a meat-free diet, but to eliminate eggs and dairy too. To many, this sounds like an absolute nightmare, and people wonder why I would ever willingly put such a burden on myself. The questions I most often…

Let’s Veg(an) Out!

How to navigate the Vegan World by @veryvivaciousvegan Yes, going out to eat as a vegan (or vegetarian) can be challenging at times. Good news is, I’m here to give you some great tips about how to navigate it all!  As someone who’s been vegan for almost three years now, I’ve become quite the expert on how to find…

About Me

Hey, I’m Jewelle! I work as a marketing manager and when I’m not thinking about promotions and social media captions, one of my favorite hobbies is running my food Instagram @veryvivaciousvegan.

I have been vegan for over three years, and I love it! Not only do I love visiting restaurants, but I enjoy making food as well. I’m excited to show you the world of vegan eating from my perspective!