Welcome to Foodie Card

Save 10% and earn rewards at countless restaurants.

For every membership purchased, a day of meals is donated to people in need.

STEP 1: JOIN FOODIE CARD – Ready to join the greatest club ever? All you have to do is buy your Foodie card and download the app to get started.

STEP 2: WE FEED SOMEBODY FOR A DAY – Our mission from the jump has had philanthropy at our core and that’s why for every Foodie Card purchased, a day of meals is donated to those less fortunate.

STEP 3: FIND A RESTAURANT YOU LOVE – Dive into our ever-evolving list of incredible participating restaurants that can’t wait to see you. All you need to do is click here and get started.

STEP 4: SAVE 10% OFF YOUR BILL – Flash your Foodie Card app to your server to get 10% off inside a restaurant. For delivery and pickup, simply click the ‘order now’ button on participating restaurants and the 10% discount will automatically apply at checkout.

STEP 5: GET REWARDED – We’ll reward you 1 point for every dollar you save. Redeem your points for $15 gift cards to Amazon, Target, Walmart & more!